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Soft Tissue for Implants Hands-on Workshop

Soft Tissue for Implants Hands-on Workshop

Replicate predictable results with soft tissues for teeth and implants.

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Anatomy and terminology

Literature review

Defect classification

Timeline of grafting



Harvesting techniques: Free gingival graft, Connective tissue graft, Tuberosity harvest

Step by step techniques: Apically positioned flap, Vestibuloplasty, Rotated palatal pedicle, Roll flap and modifications, VISTA/tunnel techniques

Clinical case review

Post-op management


Understand the determinants of mucogingival health and stability around implants

How to diagnose soft tissue deficiencies, when to intervene, and how to treatment plan accordingly

Comprehend the importance of proper suturing technique and microsurgery

How to harvest soft tissue grafts predictably

Understand and visualize the step by step protocol for soft tissue techniques

Hands-on training

Microsurgical suturing exercises

Harvest of autogenous tissue

Apically positioned flaps

Free gingival graft

Rotated palatal pedicle

Tunneling with CTG