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Are these courses CE accredited?

All our courses, whether online or in-person, are CE accredits and grant participants CE hours depending on the length of the course.

Who should take the online courses?

The online courses are indicated for clinicians with all levels of experience. Novice clinicians can gain an understanding of the concepts and the detailed steps of many techniques through our basic courses. Having the online format allows one to review the material at your own pace.Β 

More experienced clinicians can learn new and innovative techniques in our advanced courses. Our detailed step-by-step approach allows those with experience to predictably apply the material in a clinical setting.

What is the difference between online and in-person courses?

Both would have almost the same didactic material with exception of different cases presented. The live event allows for a discussion format focusing on questions from the participants and clinical case presentations. A hands-on portion allows participants to practice the presented techniques with precision on models. This solidifies the presented knowledge and builds the clinical skill needed to perform these procedures.

Will I be able to perform the taught techniques if I only take the online courses?

It depends on participant level of experience. Clinicians who already have experience in the same field should be able to comprehend and apply new techniques predictably.Β 

Participants with less experience will gain a thorough understanding and may be able to start performing some basic techniques. We do, however, encourage novice clinicians to attend our live courses and gain hands-on experience. This complements the didactic material presented and gives the clinician confidence in implementing the newly learned techniques and concepts.

Where are the live courses taught and which topics are covered?

We aim to reproduce a live version for all the topics that we present digitally. Our live courses are done all over the world but are primarily available throughout the United States. You can find all the information regarding our live events on this website.

How can I ask questions while taking a course?

You have the ability to ask a question at any point throughout a course. Dr. Moussa will then be able to respond to your question in a timely fashion. We recommend being as detailed as possible regarding which case or part the question concerns.

What if I still feel like I need more hands-on experience after taking the live course?

For clinicians who are interested in more live patient experience, we will be offering these events in the near future. We also offer live clinical mentoring in certain regions of the United States. For more information, please email us at

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