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Topics we'll cover

Soft tissue requirements for teeth and dental implants

Diagnosis and classification of soft tissue defects

Materials, grafts, and armamentarium

Decision making in soft tissue grafting

Suturing and importance of microsurgery

Harvesting techniques for autogenous tissue:

Connective tissue harvest from palate

Free gingival graft harvest from palate

Tuberosity harvest

Harvesting from retromolar area and edentulous ridges

Techniques for treatment of recession

Techniques for mucogingival deficiencies

Techniques for volume deficiencies

Post-operative care and medications

Buccal and lingual flap management in full arch cases

Soft tissue protocol for implants in the esthetic zone

Vertical tissue augmentation with tenting technique 

Lingually positioned flap and lingual FGG

Hands-on training

Implant placement with an apically positioned flap

Vestibuloplasty and FGG around an implant

Immediate implant placement with CTG

Implant placement with vertical tissue augmentation

Rotated palatal pedicle to cover GBR site

FGG and CTG harvest

Techniques for treatment of recession

Coronally advanced flap for single teeth

Coronally advanced flap for multiple teeth

Tunneling procedures

Free gingival grafts

Alloderm for root coverage

Techniques for mucogingival deficiencies

Apically positioned flap

Lingually positioned flap


Free gingival graft/strip techniques

Techniques for volume deficiencies

VISTA flaps with CTG

Rotated palatal pedicle

Tunnel approaches with CTG

Roll flap and modifications

Who is this event for? Be sure to join us if:

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    You’ve faced indecisiveness about which technique or procedure to use to achieve your treatment goals in certain cases.

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    You’ve attended CE in the past yet still face uncertainty with soft tissue management.

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    You’re ready to replicate predictable results with soft tissues.

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    Or even if you’ve had success in the past with soft tissue management but are looking to take your skills to the next level.

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The biggest advantage of this program is how each topic and technique are covered in a clear step-by-step approach. This makes this course a valuable resource to clinicians of varying levels of expertise in the field.

Our promise to you is that you'll be able to confidently
choose the best technique to reach the treatment goals for the case at hand time and time again.

Ready to take your soft tissue skills to the next level?

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