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Dental Assistant Ticket

Dental Assistant Ticket

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Want to bring your own dental assistant to our in-person event? Now you can!

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Understand the factors necessary for the success of any bone grafting procedure

How to diagnose and classify bone defects based on a proposed classification 

How to manage lingual and palatal flaps for predictable primary closure

How to harvest particulate autogenous bone and autogenous bone blocks

How to manage vertical and horizontal defects based on presented decision trees

How to avoid complications and protocols for their management


Course content:

Principles of bone augmentation

Defect classification

Advanced flap management and suturing

Decision trees for vertical and horizontal bone augmentation

Autogenous bone harvest from tuberosity, ramus, and atypical sites

Step by step techniques

Ridge preservation for compromised sockets

Ridge expansion + GBR protocols

Ridge splitting

GBR with resorbable barriers

Titanium mesh

Khoury technique

Clinical case review

Post-op management