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Dental Assistant Ticket

Dental Assistant Ticket

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Want to bring your own dental assistant to our in-person event? Now you can!

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• Socket shield technique

• Socket shield modifications

• Root submergence technique

• Pontic shield technique

• Adjunctive soft tissue procedures

• Prosthetic considerations

• Full arch application

• How to avoid and manage complications


Partial Extraction Therapy is arguably the technique that has single handedly revolutionized dental implants. Being able to work with the body biologically allows us to achieve best possible results while minimizing the amount of surgery needed and thus, improving patient experience.


Our course starts off with the concept of Partial Extraction Therapy and then reviews the key surgical and prosthetic principles needed for success. We then proceed to review each technique that falls under the Partial Extraction Therapy umbrella in detail along with the armamentarium needed to perform these techniques. Lastly, we discuss how to avoid complications and how to manage them, should they arise.